Stauning Whisky

The Stauning distillery is located near the west coast of Denmark. Though one cannot say it is the heart of Denmark, this location is not a random choice. The small village of Stauning is only a 10 minute walk from the distillery. The history of the village and the support from the local community is very much reflected in our whisky.

Out there you have open widths, with farmland and plenty of wind in the hair. They also happen to have some of the finest water you can get. All of this makes Stauning the perfect location for distilling the finest whisky, using locally produced barley, rye and peat.

Every process takes place in-house at Stauning whisky.

Example Products

Stauning Young Rye whisky

A Stauning Rye is produced on a large proportion malted rye. This makes it something very special in the world. Rye is difficult to handle and it is even harder when it is wet and has been malted. Therefore, it is not common to use malted rye on larger distilleries around the world. On Stauning almost all processes is done by hand and this means that Stauning can handle the process of malting the rye and that you can taste in the finished product.It matures in new white oak barrels and therefore it after a relatively short period of maturation receives a lot of color and flavor.Bottle size; 50 cl.

Stauning KAOS

Rye, Peated and Traditional in one bottle.

During the 1935 national election campaign then Danish Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning asked the voters to choose between Stauning (meaning himself) or Chaos. Chaos in Danish is Kaos.

Stauning Whisky has chosen to offer you Stauning and KAOS.

Stauning Whisky has spent a long time tasting different configurations of their Rye, Peated and Traditional. All three of the same bottle. Yes, some will say that it sounds chaotic, but the taste says otherwise.

Bottle size: 50 cl.

Stauning Tradtional Single Malt

Stauning Traditional is made from barley.The Traditional is aged in first fill ex-bourbon casks from the bourbon distillery Makers Mark. This type is a mild, round and balanced whisky that will attract the most.TASTING NOTESColor: Light straw coloredFragrance: Grain, greenTaste: Barley, nougat oils, demarasugarAfter taste: Long, barley, nougatBottle size: 50 cl.

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