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In the Nordic Countries we have through generations established international recognition for great skills in Design and Craftsmanship.

On this website we have curated the most exciting Scandinavian Design brands and products that the Nordic countries have to offer.

Nordic Design Heritage – a strong footprint in Scandinavian design and living

Since the 1970’s, Scandinavian design and living has been celebrated for clear lines and a true passion for a light color palette to match the dark month up north. Setting a standard for Scandinavian minimalism has been an aim for other International designers as well as architects. It seams like a vast majority on especially the Asian and Western markets have been embracing this phenomena for decades.

Today many new talents in the Northern region benefit from this design heritage whilst getting a proud education in more than just design and craft. In 2015 no designer nor maker would not benefit from being the next in line from Denmark’s Arne Jacobsen, Sweden’s Bruno Matsson, Finland’s Alva Alto or Norway’s Sigurd Ressel. Although the new craftsmen surely would appreciate being brand wise self-supporting, they all have a lot of expectation to live up to – but also to benefit from.

Even though that most people look towards Scandinavia when scouting for design icons in furniture, Denmark is by far the most acknowledged for design creations from as example Mr. Kaare Klint, Mr. Mogens Koch, Mr. Poul Kjaerholm, Mr. Finn Juhl and many other Danish designer celebs.

The proud tradition is very much alive and kicking, and since the heritage is as proud and partly extra ordinary promising – many new talents surface with new breathtaking designs. The heritage and esteemed characters have plowed a route to success many years back. Making it easy for makers and startups in general to supply an extra strong voice in terms of perceived design recognition and branding in general.

Nobody looks like they are leaning back – perhaps more than ever Danish furniture design is celebrated around the world not just cashing in on heritage but giving truly giving back. Making sure that the Danish and Scandinavian design heritage is as intact as possible for the generations of Danish and Scandinavian designers to come.

In your search for the new Nordic Design Icons, the old icons like the Swan, PK80 and the Egg – they all have got new Scandinavian competition by Cloud, Cora and Ice, just to name a few.

Lookup a small celebration for the new generation of Danish and Nordic designers right here.

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