Bow Tie Rebels

Wooden bow ties for you and your dog

– Made by hand in Copenhagen

Bow Tie Rebels is a tribute to what we consider the sweetest accessory for men, the bow tie. The bow around the neck can appear like a sophisticated detail that is the cocky icing on the cake. At Bow Tie Rebels we love bow ties and we set the standard with a rebellious approach to the classic garment. And why not also let our “best friends” dress fancy and elegant too?

At Bow Tie Rebels we have gorgeous and fashionable bow ties made of wood for you and your dog. Bow Tie Rebels had its infancy in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2015. A bow tie made of wood is something different from what you usually see on a night out. And too rarely do we see dogs wear bow ties. In spite of this the first bows were carved anyways and Bow Tie Rebels was started. We are very proud of and honored by the fact that we in our short time and early beginnings have been a part of Northern Makers – a network and a huge digital department store consisting of quality lifestyle products exclusively produced in Scandinavia. You can see much more of Northern Makers here.

The wooden bow is the DNA of Bow Tie Rebels

It is the central point and the element that expresses your awareness of the way you dress. You wear your wooden bow tie with confidence – your dog does the same and it shows originality since wooden bow ties are rarely seen in everyday life. Each bow tie is handmade. It is traditional craftsmanship combined with a modern cut. Bow Tie Rebels is made from hardwood. Oak is the wood we mostly work with – both natural and smoked oak.

With the knot you can choose to change the look of your bow tie. At Bow Tie Rebels you can change the knot so you for example can have a conservative one colored knot on and then later change it for a more colorful and flashy one. You can buy the knots separately, so you will be able to choose the right style for the outfit of the day easily and aren’t locked on a certain color or pattern.

Wooden Bow Tie

Please contact our friends at Northern Makers if any questions!

Example Products

Classic Bow

Bow Tie Rebels wooden bow tie in natural oak with a classic checkered knot.This knot will be in great contrast to the suit and jeans with the blue and brown colors. The knot is made of pure wool. A gorgeous accessory made from great light oak with a very classic checkered knot around it made from pure wool. In everyday life it is a fresh and good look and it will be a fit for many different occasions.Classic Bow is for the dog that loves being the center of attention. It is perfect for events and occasions like weddings, parties and Christmas. Bow Tie Rebel’s wooden bow ties come in many sizes, so it will fit your dog. You can choose in the drop-down menu whether it is for you or your dog and what size you need.

More Bow Ties to come!

More wooden bow ties from Bow Tie Rebels are coming soon!They are in the process of production at the moment.

Dress dapper - in all weather conditions....

Even though it’s messy out there!

Soon you can find our maintenance guide for your wooden bow tie right here on the blog!Clean me - please. Wooden bow tie maintenance

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