Back in the old days, there was only one way to produce candies.  The method implies in boiling the crystal sugar to 180 degree Celsius where after, on the production table, from the liquid sugar mass, they would produce the finished product. All was done by hand. Later on modern factories, different kind of sugar substitutes were added, for example glucose, which makes it possible to mass produce the candies on machines and keep the cost down.

Sømod’s Candies have, as the only company in the world, preserved the ole fabrication method, why the candies here are still produced as they were over 100 years ago. Back then they did not produce as many different kinds as we do today (74 different kinds today), but we still produce the original.

The traditions and principles at Sømod’s Candies were established in 1891 on the second floor in Nørregade 49, but not before 1920 did it get the name Sømod. The founder of the candy factory, Mr. Hansen, was not blessed with sons to take over the business after himself. For that reason was the company bestowed to a son of his childhood friend, Martin Søemod. Martin Søemod had three sons, where two of the already was allocated into fine companies. One of them was to take over Martin Søemod’s own legacy, a wild, meat and poultry slaughter house which had been honored by Appointment to The Royal Danish Court. The third son, Theodor Søemod, was granted the candy factory and it got the name Søemod’s Bolcher or Sømod’s Candies.

In 1932 did the candy factory move to its current location, across the street to Nørregade 36, where is now stretches over 319 square meters. In 1982 was the candy factory passed on to the next generation, where Martin Søemod became the daily manager, supported by his wife Gemma Søemod. In 1985 did Michael Søemod step in as part of the production, for hereby preparing for a future generation shift. In the year of the factory’s 100 anniversary, Sømod’s Candies was honored by Appointment to The Royal Danish Court. Today is the fourth generation Søemod, fifth generation drops boiler, Mike Søemod and Camilla Søemod involved in the noble candy production, which secures that people in the future still will be able to buy the real Sømod’s Candies in Nørregade.

Back then was it a sensation on its own to get crystal sugar and everything was delivered by horse and carriage. Sømod’s own horse was housed in the court and as it offers a real candy horse, did it refuse to work before it had received its morning candy.

During the Second World War, where there were restrictions on food and sweets, was the sugar rationing stamps saved for a special purpose. When the rumour ran, in the streets of Copenhagen that a new batch of sugar had arrived at Sømod’s, people would throng together on Nørregade to get their share of the sweets.

Sømod’s Candies is like a historical time capsule, which gives a unique image of Copenhagen’s history and traditions.

Example Products

Sømod's Mixed Candies, 1100 gram

Sømod is a little oasis of candy right in the town center. Michael Sømod is 3rd generation candy artist.Everything here is made from natural ingredients, and the taste is unforgettable.This glass contains 1100 grams of sweets handmade in the small nostalgic workshop next to the showroom on Nørregade in Copenhagen.

Sømod's Mixed Candies, 2500 gram

Sømod Confectionery store is a little oasis of handmade candies. Michael Sømod is the 3rd generation candy artist.Everything here is made from natural ingredients, and the taste speaks for itself.This glass contains a variety of sweets, all handmade in the small nostalgic workshop next to the showroom on Nørregade in the heart of Copenhagen

Sømod's Mixed Candies, 3500 gram

The Vintage candy store Sømod is a lovely oasis of handmade candies and old traditions. Michael Sømod is 3rd generation candy artist.Everything here is made from natural ingredients, and the taste speaks for itself.This huge glass holds a variety of candies, all handmade in the small nostalgic workshop next to the showroom on Nørregade in the heart of Copenhagen.

World Class Traditional Candies

Sømods Bolcher is one of the few candy makers who still produce sweets the old fashion way. Their proud tradition of hand made candy still follows the methods that has been use for generations. Their sweets are made from pure and natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colour, giving an authentic taste and feel, that is simply far above the mass market candies found in most shops and supermarkets today. Trying Sømods is sure to give a new perspective on what real sweets are.Being part of the great traditions of Scandinavian Design and Scandinavian Living made us realize how important it is to present makers to the people around the world who can appreciate some of the more distinguish designers and products available – hence Northernmakers.com. Today it’s not just Scandinavian makers we celebrate but makers and designers from all in the Nordic region.We are happy to present such  a great craftsman to  Northernmakers. We strive to collect the greatest  designers and craftsman from  all of Scandinavia under one roof.All of which hold proud  Scandinavian traditions both  in terms of design, product and production.This latest introduction to a  member of Northernmakers just  point to the fact that the  Nordic region still supplies  quality and well thought icons Internationally, all of  which makes us passionate to  bring more of these skilled  people, their brands and  beautiful products to the  visitors of our web shop.We can’t all visit the  workshop and experience the  manmade development at hand.  But being the fortunate ones,  we love to follow the designs  as they unfold and learn to  respect the attention to  detail. After more than 4  years close to local makers and  craftsmen we know how much  story there is behind every  product and material selected  – and we are so proud to  bring them to your attention.We hope you can appreciate  the makers that we present  here on the platform.

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