Nordisk Brænderi

Nordic Brænderis snaps and brandy series are burned on Nordic fruits and berries. During the burning process spices and herbs are added- most of them picked and selected by our self in our local forests and fields..

Please note that many of our snaps and brandies are only produced in very small quantities. Therefore, it is not certain that the next time you visit Anders distillery or the Northern Makers store, that you can find the same spirit or snaps. However, you can try another flavor and make new exciting encounters
with one of the top micro distilleries in Denmark, located in the far north of the Jutland peninsula.

Example Products

Stensbæk Æblebrændevin
Røde Willy Dram

In the distillation proces this exclusive and rich dram is seasoned with pine tips, juniper and mint andwell rounded with heather honey. Subsequently, the obtained additional flavor and color comes fromstorage on blodrod.

Nordic Gin

Nordic berries and herbs bring an exciting little feminine touch to the aroma and taste of this gin.This hand crafted gin is cold filtered to preserve the essential oils and extract the very best from theraw materials. This also means that the gin may be slightly turbid upon dilution with ice or tonic. Nordic Gin is a hand-distilled natural product. Bottles can therefore sometimes occur with a slight diversity inflavors.

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