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Sogrenis design. Danish design, but put together exactly the way you want it. Hand-built in the centre of Copenhagen. Most bicycles and its parts these days are made in China, Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia. Nothing wrong with that, but we do believe that we devote a little more time and passion to each bicycle before shipping it off.

Here you get one of the most easily to ride bicycles, which hugs the big city’s sharp curves and will take you on longer trips outside the city limits. On a Sögreni bicycle you sit up straight. It gives you a more comfortable riding position, makes better use of your energy and gives a much better view than sitting with your nose down over the handlebars, bent in a way that squashes all your organs in the body – including your lungs, which will supply oxygen to the core and leg muscles that will propel you forward. After getting a Sögreni bicycle, you will not have to think much about repairs, rust or annoying stuff that doesn’t work. A Sögreni is built to withstand hard daily usage: we use high quality materials, check all welds and joints several times and finally, there is the Delta Treatment.

No rust, no worries. You get a bicycle that will last at least 25 years – if you just take a little care of it.

Example Products

Sögreni bicycle Trouser-Strap

Tired of getting your trousers getting dirty or even trapped in the chain? This little fellow will take care of that. The strap is made of the finest rubber, and a clasp of lightweight aluminium. Just strap it on and ride off.

The trouser-strap can also be used for securing small items on your normal luggage carrier. If you buy the Sögreni luggage carrier, even better.

We bike a lot in our city, so we all know that the Sögreni strap is a great little helper in your daily commute.

Amount: One

Sögreni bicycle lock

The wire lock is made of stainless steel plastic-covered wire (6 mm), with ends made into loops using an aluminium or copper fitting. You need a powerful plier to cut this wire. Remember, that most theft of bicycles happens when people “borrow” a bicycle heading home from the pub. This is the answer.

Put the wire around something like a fence or a lamppost. Take one end of the wire and put it through the other. Lock this end on to your normal lock. Now your bicycle is safe, and the lenght of the wire makes daily handling easy.

  • Thieves will not bother touching your bicycle
  • Very strong steel wire, very hard to cut
  • Lighter and longer than most other wires
Amount: One wire
Sögreni bicycle handles

From Sögreni Copenhagen…

These handles are made from some of the best quality leathers available. The handles are nice to hold, are a little bit warmer for the hands than a piece of plastic and have a classy look to them.

When you get these, you may encounter some difficulty mounting them, as the plastic is just tight enough to fit a normal frame. The trick is to use either pressurized air, or to lubricate the inside with a generous amount of pure alcohol, 160 proof or higher. If you are quick, you will be able to press them on, the alcohol will evaporate, and the handle will be securely stuck on forever.

Comes with very strong Danish glue
Amount: Set of two handles

Sögreni bicycle pedals

Why must pedals be so ugly? Normally, when you look at normal bicycle’s pedals, they are either all plastic, bound to fall to pieces, or made from poor quality steel, making them rusty and looking dull after just a few rides.

The hand-crafted Sogreni pedal is made from solid steel, and your choice of aluminium, brass or copper sides. This is a stylish way to decorate your bicycle, and the brass will just look better and better, as it turns green with time. The pedals are hand-made in the shop in Copenhagen, and will bring new life to your existing bicycle or improve your bicycle.

Amount: Set of two pedals

Sögreni bicycle lamps

The Sogreni lamps are handmade in the shop in Copenhagen, and consist of one white lamp for the front and one red lamp for the rear. Let the world (and fellow cyclists) see that you are out enjoying your bicycle at night-time, and do it in style.

The lamps are easily fitted with the rubber strap onto your handlebar and the frame. The only thing you need to do to switch it on is to twist the control knob.

Includes a white and a red lamp
Easily fitted with the included rubber straps
Includes battery

Amount: A set

Sögreni bicycle bell

This is the classic Sögreni bell from Copenhagen. It comes with fittings, and is very easily mounted. Please note, that your head tube should be between 26 and 28 mm – but most bicycle head tubes are of that size and diameter.

The brass is the clearest sounding bell, the zinc is the most muted. The steel gives the most authentic sound and the copper is the deepest sounding bell. The zinc bell has the most raw or industrial look. From left to right on the picture: Brass, Steel, Copper, Zinc.

Amount: One bell

A real bike from the country of bikers

Copenhagen is the city of bikes and bikers, and it is only natural that the city also holds some of the best bike manufactures. Sogreni bikes are more than bikes, and anyone who has tried to ride one will probably say that they are not just great and beautiful, but actually small pieces of contemporary art. The bikes are manufactured in Copenhagen and custom tailored to suit the needs and specification of the rider, but also your personal style and preferences. If you want a bike that reflects and shows your personality, Sogreni is the man to make the dream come true.

Being part of the great traditions of Scandinavian Design and Scandinavian Living made us realize how important it is to present makers to the people around the world who can appreciate some of the more distinguish designers and products available – hence Today it’s not just Scandinavian makers we celebrate but makers and designers from all in the Nordic region.

We are happy to present such  a great craftsman to  Northernmakers. We strive to collect the greatest  designers and craftsman from  all of Scandinavia under one roof.

All of which hold proud  Scandinavian traditions both  in terms of design, product and production.

This latest introduction to a  member of Northernmakers just  point to the fact that the  Nordic region still supplies  quality and well thought icons Internationally, all of  which makes us passionate to  bring more of these skilled  people, their brands and  beautiful products to the  visitors of our web shop.

We can’t all visit the  workshop and experience the  manmade development at hand.  But being the fortunate ones,  we love to follow the designs  as they unfold and learn to  respect the attention to  detail. After more than 4  years close to local makers and  craftsmen we know how much  story there is behind every  product and material selected  – and we are so proud to  bring them to your attention.

We hope you can appreciate  the makers that we present  here on the platform.

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