Nyborg Destilleri

We are a small local brewery and micro destillery with attitude, positivity and expertise. Through our prize winning products we have put ourselves on the map, not just in Europe, but around the world.
Our tenet will be never to grow at a rate or to a size that will compromise our quality standards, organic principles or the exceptional taste of our products.

Our  spirits are based on respected traditions, but today we would also like to be known for innovation and improvement. Producing spirits, distilled from the same mash and wort we use in all our brewery products at Ørbæk Brewery, is a natural extension of those traditions.

Our patented column distillery produces exceptionally pure, high-quality alcohol, which we also use in the production of our range of alluring schnapps, gin, rum and vodka.

Our vodka is triple distilled from fermented Danish organic barley malt. That is what gives it its rounded and clear flavour. Our single malt beer schnapps is made from the finest organic barley malt – and nothing else..


Example Products

Revlingberry Snaps
Snaps with Herbs
Snaps rum with anis
Single Malt Snaps
Walnut Snaps
Christmas Snaps
Coffee Liqueur

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