Le Rêve

Speak to the heart. Express the most important with Le Rêve language.

Le Rêve is a language of jewelry. Our bracelets with pendants are designed for the expression of your emotions, thoughts, and wishes. These artistic pieces are designed to be timeless and elegant. They are inspired by the most beautiful moments in life, what we like, love and what is important to us.

We encourage you to experiment with the symbolism of Le Reve pendants in order to appeal to the recipients’ imagination, allowing them to recognize your feelings and desires.

In the Le Rêve minimalistic form you can express love, congratulate on a child’s birth, commemorate an important date, write down names close to your heart. Le Rêve bracelet may be a gift, a personal talisman or just a piece of jewelry emphasizing your personality.

Choose the pendant, pattern, string colour and the text to be engraved yourself. Thanks to this your bracelet will be fully customized and unique.

Welcome to Le Rêve Boutique.


Example Products

2 Stars - Gilt
Clover Leaf & Medal - Gilt
Heart & Girl - Gilt
Heart & Boy - Gilt
3 Medals - Gilt
Teddy Bear & Medal - Gilt
Medal - Gilt
Boy & Girl - Gilt
Medal & Heart Bracelet
Heart bracelet

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