All posters come in different colours. Let us know if you want a specific motive in a different colour and we will source it for you.

All posters are printed on 150 gram, non-bleached quality paper.

About Kortkartellet:

Kortkartellet designs and prints beautiful artistic interpretations of countries, cities, districts, islands etc.

The cities, streets, squares, places or roads we have chosen to sprinkle on our posters are not randomly selected. They are chosen either by love for the place because it has a euphonious name, a beautiful typographic structure or bring a smile.

We can not guarantee that the site actually is exactly where it stands (although we try!) But it left shown during artistic freedom. Just as we have stretched it a little in other respects with town names.

Example Products

Aarhus, poster

Aarhus, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Orange.

Berlin, poster

Berlin, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Petrol blue.

København, poster

København, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Bordeaux red.

London, poster

London, poster.50×70 cm.Color: Petrol blue.

Manhattan, poster

Manhattan, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Grey

New York, poster

New York, poster.50×70 cm.Color: Copper.

Oslo, poster

Oslo, poster.50×70 cm.Color: Grey.

København, Indre By, poster

København Indre By, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Pink.

Danmark, poster

Danmark, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Copper.

Paris, poster

Paris, poster.50×70 cm.Colour: Bordeaux red. 

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