Karamelleriet is a local Danish manufacturer of caramels, all handmade.

We offer you a wide range of different caramels. All you have to do is to make up your mind (can be tough though) and send us your order. Then we guarantee you a smile on your face.

Choose among:

Mixed caramels


Sweet liquorice







Example Products

Vanilla fudge

Vanilla fudge.

100 gram

Chocolate fudge

Chocolate fudge.

100 gram

Soft liquorice fudge

Soft licquorice caramel.

100 gram

Gift box, large

Mixed caramels.

740 gram

Gift box, medium

Mixed caramels.

400 gram

Gift box, small

Mixed caramels.

80 gram


Chocolate caramels

This is a winner:

Now you don’t have to choose between chocolate and caramels. We present to you the confectionery innovation of all times: Caramels with chocolate.

130 gram, handmade, created by true craftsmen.

Peppermint caramels

Caramels, peppermint, joy.

130 gram

Sweet liquorice caramels

Might sound like an odd combination. But trust us – it is to die for.

130 gram.

Cinnamon caramels

Caramels, handmade, cinnamon. Simplicity and happiness in a box.

130 gram

Box of mixed caramels

If you have a sweet tooth – this is for you. Just be aware that once you open the box, you are likely to eat until empty. But hey, this is good both for you and for us as we know that you will be back for more.

250 grams of temptation.


Cream caramels

Caramels, cream, all smiles.

130 gram.

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