We are a farmer family from the North of Jutland in Denmark that for many years has made jam of the rose hips, we planted on one of our fields. It was originally to own and friends’ consumption, but the rumor was spreading.

We could eventually not make jam enough to meet the wishes of our friends,
neighbors and family. Therefore the idea was born: Why not try to see if more good people will enjoy our healthy and tasty jams, and eventually perhaps we will make a living of it.

We developed a simple cleaning machine, so we can make jams from the good old recipes for a reasonable price. We cannot
live completely from our rose hip production, but it comes closer by the day.

Example Products

Picled Rose Hips with Herbs
Blueberry & Buchthorn Marmelade
Rose Hips Marmelade
Gooseberry Marmelade
Pickled Rose Hips
Rose Hip Sirup

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