Hardanger Bestikk

Today Hardanger Bestikk is the biggest manufacturer of flatware in stainless steel in Scandinavia. The company is placed in Kinsarvik at Hardangerfjord surrounded by natural inspiration and historical influence.
The products are build on traditional craftsmanship. At the same time we invest in new production equipment to follow the technological development.


Example Products

Shelfish Set

This lovely set comprises several practical utensils designed to make a festive shellfish meal even better. A strong pair of crackers makes it easy to break even the biggest claws, and the long forks make it easy to get the meat out of the smallest ones. The set consists of a shellfish cracker and six shellfish forks.

Egg Set

Soft-boiled or hard-boiled? To many people, a boiled egg is the very symbol of the sunday breakfast and the extra time spent at the breakfast table. The set consist of two egg cups, two egg spoons and one egg lifter.

Cake/Pie Set

A cake set with an exciting design, consisting of a cake server and a cake knife. Hollow handle.

NINA 24 pieces

Nina is an example of how a classic can become a timeless succes, and its design elements from Norwegian nature and its balanced form make it easy to understand why.
Design: Odd Leikvall

KRISTIN 24 pieces

Kristin is an example of the Hardanger region’s long-standing woodcarving tradition. This design is inspired by Norwegian woodcarving, and it is our only steel flatware series with an open-worked pattern.
Design: Odd Leikvall

FJORD 40 pieces

With its rounded shapes, it represents a welcome organic element on the dinner table, and its weight means that it sits comfortably in the hand.
Design: Odd Leikvall

TUVA 24 pieces

Tuva is one of our best-known flatware designs. It balances modern elegance with curved shapes. The result is timeless cutlery that sits comfortably in the hand. A perfect way of making the most festive occasions complete.
Design: Per Finne

Salt and Pepper Grinders

These new salt and pepper grinders from Hardanger Bestikk deliver precisely ground salt and popper to your excact specifications – from a light dusting to crumb-sized granules.

Cheese Knife Set

Be original and give a cheese set to the host when you are invited to a nice cheese and wine evening. Special cheese cutlery makes the cheeseboard even better, and the perforated cheese knife prevents the cheese from sticking to the knife.

Cake/Pie Set with Forks

Complete cake set with an exciting design, consisting of a cake sercer, a cake knife and four forks. Give it as a wedding present, or surprise your friends with the new cutlery the next time you invite them for coffee and cakes. Hollow handle.

Hardanger Bestikk Factory

Emotions from the factory where Hardanger Bestikk is crafted.



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