Dyrehøj Vingaard

Dyrehoj Vingaard, where the brand RÖS is created, has a hundred year old history as a traditional farm on Roesnaes, but today it is mainly a vineyard. Tom Christensen bought the farm in 2007 and planted the first wine plants in 2008.  Today the wine area covers around 8 hectars with approx 26.400 plants
being the largest wine producer in Denmark. The main varieties are now Solaris, Muscaris, Johanniter and Souvignier Gris as the white selection and the red varieties are mainly Cabernet Cantor and Monarch all selected in close corporation with the Staatliches Wineinstitute in Freiburg, Germany.

Making wine at Roesnaes:

The long, chalky and hilly peninsula covers the northern part of Kalundborg Fjord and is amongst the sunniest areas in Denmark. The rainfall is on average 523 mm/pa and 1.730 hours of sun, which makes it the best place in Denmark to grow wine. At Dyrehøj Vingaard the winemaker is Stefan Laible. He is from the area of Baden In Germany and is a professional winemaker. He likes to make fruity wines with a crispy and powerfull taste and he makes full use of the acidity that is part of the characteristics from cold climate wine.

Next time you are in Denmark, please do drop by and visit our vineyard for tasting various wines, liqueur and edelbrand.

Example Products

RÖS Solaris

RÖS Solaris is the flagship from Dyrehøj Vingaard. Is the one variety that really cement the fact thatDanish wine is extraordinary. At Dyrehøj Vingaard the soils have a very high content of calcium, which adds minerality and crispiness to the wines from this farm in general. All the plants can see the fjord of Kalundborg and the sea breeze together with the cold nights gives the wines a very distinctive acidity.This vintage of Solaris has a nose filled with pomelo, peach and rasped lemon peel. The taste is verypowerful, but at the same time refreshing due to the acidity. Clear notes of passion frugt and a bit ofpeach lingers long in the mouth. In the aftertaste there is a hint of red grape with a touch of bitterness. We recommend this wine with crustaceans, seafood and fresh asparagus.

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