Tradition and Quality hand in hand Colibri is a bookbindery in the inner city of Copenhagen.

Colibri keeps the old bookbindery tradition alive. They bind the books in materials such as goat skin, handmade marbled paper and canvas with screen printing.

Example Products

Notebook, A5

Notebook, A5, canvas m. screen printing / leather w. pattern on the inside.Go ahead and write your precious notes. Even bad news look good in aa Colibri’s notebook.

Wedding album

For those precious moments. In a precious album.So all you have to is to say ‘I do’. And of course buy this beautiful album.Bound in the wedding dress fabric. Black lace and tulle sewn apart.Calligraphy¬†greeting on the first page.Separating paper between pages.

Folder, A4

A4, folder. Be sharp for your next meeting.Goat skin and slanted pockets, iris coloured.


Goat Skin, gilt edges and gold stamping. In a few words: Beautiful.Decoration by Ms. Mathilde Manz

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