Blindes Arbejde

All products are handmande. This means that for instance that the hairs in the Dishwashing brush have been inserted manually. This gives you a superior product that will last for years, if not generations.

About Blindes Arbejde:

‘Blindes Arbejde’ – in English ‘Work by the Blind’ is a foundation – founded in 1929.

Blindes Arbejdes’ main objective is to employ blind and visually impaired people in the manufacturing of hand-made brushes and brooms, weaving, hand braiding of baskets and chair seats and shop work.

Currently, Blindes Arbejde employs approximately 70 people, most of whom work at our workshop in Copenhagen in the following areas:
– Dragging brushes and brooms for old traditions
– Renovation of old silverware brushes
– Renovation of special elements for machine parts
– Braid of all kinds of chair seats with paper yarn or seagrass, especially seats for architect-designed chairs
– Weaving
– Assembly (various assembly tasks performed)

In addition Blindes Arbejde has employees spread across the country. They do: Drawing of brushes, weaves and weaves baskets in their own homes. The finished products are then sent to the head office in Copenhagen who makes the final quality control.

Example Products

Pot brush

Time to clean your pots and pans after cooking for your loved ones?

Make the job less of a pain – use this pot brush. Brush brush brush and vupti: Job done.


Vegetable brush

Save time and energy on enjoying your cooking and your food rather than preparing it!

This vegetable brush will do the work for you in no time.

Bon appetite!


Dishwashing Brush

You still need to to the hard work. But take our word: Cleaning the plates is just more fun with the right brush – and this is the right brush. So hurry back to into the kitchen!

25 cm long.

Material: Bright Horse hair.



Clothes Brush

Will make you look razor sharp. Does magic to your suit.

8 cm. Small little fellow, but does the job.

Material: Bright Horse hair.

Bath Brush

Light horse hair with face in black horse hair.

39 cm long.

Material: Horse hair

Will last you like forever. It will certainly outlive your soap.


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