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Example Products

SKOK leather container

Sculptural and decorative container to empty your pockets and store your keys, phone, wallet and other small things.

Genuine leather, cut of one piece 2,2 mm ox hide. Black.

Designed and handmade by Lise Grue / TRAUM

Weight 0,5 kilogram

 “The SKOK is inspired by the artichoke with the leaves that one by one closes around the heart. The SKOK is closed, but not completely, only enough to discrete enclose the contents”.


GRAPE leather container

TRAUMs GRAPE a container for all the small things from the pocket: Cell phone, wallet, keys, glasses and all the other small things.

Height 18 cm Width 17 cm. The material is 2,5 mm soft cow skin from Spain and 3 mm cow hide.

Weight 0,7 kilogram.

 “It makes you think of a Robin Hood’s leather pouch – but it has another purpose, it solves a practical problem with all the homeless things from the pockets”.

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