Welcome to Skotlander Spirits! New Scandinavian rum, slowly distilled.

Skotlander Spirits has started rum production in Denmark. Once again, one is tempted to say, because there was a time many years ago when Western European countries actually dominated the traditional rum production. The adventure found its beginnings way back in the 1600s, and more specifically in the Caribbean islands, where the beautiful sailing ships transported their goods.

The delicious rum was produced on the Caribbean islands, so the precious drops would be carried aboard ships and help to make the long and rigorous homeward journey somewhat bearable for the sailors. England and France especially enjoyed the rum barrels and Denmark soon jumped on the band wagon when the Danish crown took over the West Indies back in 1755.

As you may know, Denmark sold the islands for a song and since then we have, in contexts of strong alcohol, mainly indulged ourselves in snaps. Produced on home soil and what the colder climes could offer, namely wheat and potatoes. We are also very good at making snaps, but now the Danish rum adventure has begun once more, but without all the slavery. It’s entirely voluntary.

Our aim has been to produce a quality rum using some of the best ingredients in the world. We have spent a very long time developing it.

And here we are today. The journey and all the hardships to get here have all been worthwhile. The reward is RUM I, our first white rum is fresh and clean in flavor. You can drink the rum in cocktails for a very refined flavor, but we recommend that you enjoy it as it was created; neat in a glass. Sense the sugar that characterizes the aroma and the pure alcohol that dominates the flavor. It is young, raw rum. And it’s Danish spirit at its best!

Don’t just take our word for it. At the international rum festival in Miami in 2014 it won the rum experts gold medal in the white rum category. And yes, we’re damn proud. We didn’t just want the adventure. We also have something in it. The notes of this first rum resonate around the world.

Welcome to Skotlander Spirits.


– enjoy with noble friends…

Example Products


Selected liquorice roots are infused with our award winning RUM I and then flavored with sugarmolasses. A sophisticated liquorice rum with a faint taste and aroma of liquorice.ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDSAlc. 43 % / 50 cl. / 100 % pot still

HANDCRAFTED RUM III (sea buckthorn)

Hand-picked sea buckthorn from the island of Bornholm is lovingly preserved raw and then we leavethem to infuse with our award winning RUM I. A tart and sweet flavoured rum that oozes Danish summer.If you don’t know sea buckthorn, you really should. Come to Denmark, take a walk at the sea side andfind sea buckthorn all over. In one buckthorn you find the same amount of vitamin C like in oneorange.ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDSAlc. 43 % / 50 cl. / 100 % pot stillAwards: SILVER, San Francisco World Sporits Competition 2015


Skotlander Spirits’ Handcrafted RUM I is our first light, nubile rum that is fresh and clean. Made fromsome of the world’s finest sugarcane molasses. Slowly pot distilled. The freshest and purest water inthe world is then added. Danish water. Seriously, it is the best.We propose that you enjoy it as it is created; alone in the glass. Enjoy the sugar that characterizes the smell and the clean spirits that dominate the taste.ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDSAlc. 40 % / 50 cl. / 100 % pot stillAward: GOLD, The RumXP Tasting Competition i Miami 2014. SILVER, TheFiftyBest blindtasting of white rum 2015 in New York. BRONZE, Madrid Rom Conference 2014.

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