Flatlight Design

Flatlight is a Danish design company based in Copenhagen, which invites you to take part of the creating process.

All the components needed for assembling their products comes in a neat little laser cut wood frame – you simply push out the parts, watch the assembly guide online and make your very own candleholder.

As part of their concept, Flatlight products come without any form of paper instructions, styrofoam or logo stickers.

“In our opinion the way to create sustainable solutions is at the drawing board, it’s about designing your way out of problems”

The Flatlight Design is about concentrating on the design and getting rid of everything, which is not essential for the product.

Example Products

011 - Candleholder

Wood candleholder for tealights by flatlight design.The candleholder is cut from a single sheet of wood and all the components you need are within this cut.Following a single video guide you create your own candeholder.Video assembly guide: https://vimeo.com/113260057Materiale: Ege træAssembled: 21 cm x 21 cm x 15 cmWeight: 280 gram

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