From the start, it has been Audiovector’s wish that its products could last a lifetime. Audiovector has been manufacturing speakers since 1979, and it is a fact that more than 85% of all speakers ever made, are still in service. So when people ask  “How long will an Audiovector last”, the answer is: “We don’t know yet!”


Of course, there is no real advantage of the fine durability, if the product does not perform. Audiovector is and has always been, about premium performance.


There is a direct connection between performance and hand built products. A lot of the quality lies, once all the engineering aspects have been addressed to perfection, in the way a product is built. Audiovector’s exacting standards include: Precision tightened nut and bolts, following a carefully researched definition of the torque with which each bolt or nut should be tightened. In combination with Audiovector’s NES (No Energy Storage, read more) principle of coupling drivers to the cabinets, the clarity and lack of distortion is stunning.


Choosing the best components is vital for sound quality. 1 % tolerance-capacitors, Scan –Speak built drivers, and purpose made bolts made from carbon steel, are just a few of the examples.

Most Audiovector drivers have been designed by ourselves. Not just the 3 point fixed chassis, but the membranes, the voice coils (titanium in most cases, of course) magnets structures, everything is defined in Copenhagen and hand built in Denmark to our specification at Scan-Speak – the world’s most famous factory for high – end drivers.


Many years ago, Audiovector decided to make its speakers upgradable. As the customers keep their speakers almost forever, the possibility to upgrade to the highest level for a given model, often comes in handy. The general advantage of an upgrade is that you save 40% compared to trading your speakers in for new Audiovectors and you help save the environment.

Example Products

SI 3

Hand built Hightower Speaker SI3 – Designed, crafted and assembled at Audiovector Copenhagen.

The SI 3 models contain everything you would expect from a high-end speaker system.

With excellent design, appearance and sound quality for all types of music and home cinema applications, the most basic model surpasses the top models of most speaker manufacturers.

Review from HiFi Choice Magazine, March 2011:

‘…Audiovector’s Ki 3IS is rather impressive. The taut, thight and clean bass is a particular joy.’

‘It’s super-slim front and suggested near-to-wall location certainly makes it a very discreet passage.’

Amount: Set of two speakers

SI3 Super

Hand built Hightower Speaker SI3 Super – Designed, crafted and assembled at Audiovector Copenhagen.

The Super models incorporate all of the features of the basic model and include substantial technological advantages to deliver improved dynamics, transparency and sheer musicality.

New crossover technology, reinforcements and more responsive drivers allow the Super models a distinct sound advantage over the basic model.

Just listen.

Review from Hi-Fi Choice, Jan 2010:

‘Superdane’ and ‘Editor’s choice’

Amount: Set of two speakers

Si 3 Signature

Hand built Hightower Speaker SI3 Signature – Designed, crafted and assembled at Audiovector Copenhagen.

Review in Hi-Fi news, 11 Feb 2011:


‘And what a dynamic speaker this is! There was an empowering quality to the presentation.’

‘The Audiovectors are clean and fast and encourages you to up the volume.’

Amount: Set of two speakers

Si 3 Avantgarde

The Si 3 Avantgarde is the culmination of all Audiovector’s revolutionary developments, delivered in the finest finishings. Everything Audiovector has perfected, all that they believe a sound system should deliver, is included in these models.

Boasting Avantgarde tweeters and Avantgarde bass/mid drivers, these models are for those who wish to experience music at its most ethereal or cinema at its most expressive. We believe this is the closest to perfection available anywhere, ever.

Just listen.

Review from Fidelity Magazine No. 46:

‘Audiovector has a brilliant product concept which is future proof.’

‘Even the more basic models are pure nectar of life.’

 Amount: Set of two speakers

SI 3 Avantgarde Arreté

Sublime and award winning tower speakers made in the heart of Copenhagen.

Awarded best sound in the Hign-end category the The Si 3 Avantgarde Arreté is the new top-of-the-line Si 3-series model. It sounds more dynamic, more powerful and more sophisticated than any other speaker this size, we have ever made.

Carefully tuned by inspired ears and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen, it represents a new standard in its class.

Expect the best!

Review from Lyd & Bilde, Norway:

‘A sensationally capable communicator of music.’

‘..the most transparent and detailed sound I have heard for quite a while regardless of price.’

‘..the Audiovectors reproduce the nerve of the music to such a degree that the emotions become part of the experience and thus create greater realism.’
Amount: Set of two speakers

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